Sunday, December 7, 2008

09 Festivals

We are starting to get some info on next year's Norwegian festivals.
Vossajazz (3-5 April) let Solveig Slettahjell make the commissioned work.
Nattjazz in bergen (20-30 May) will present Offonoff, Geri Allen Group and Eldbjørg Raknes.
Alwynne Pritchard presented parts of the Borealis program for 2009, but the program should be kept secret for some time yet. Since I was almost the only one, not represented in the inner circles, I'd better watch my writings. Open meetings and secrets these days! Festival theme: "George and the lion"!
But how about the program for the All Ears noise and impro festival in Oslo, the first festival of the year (15-18 January)? I'm still waiting for that one.

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