Sunday, December 21, 2008


Bergen's own metal heroes Enslaved have been touring constantly the last months, but were back in town yesterday. Krakow (bottom picture) and Audrey Horne (middle) warmed up the audience and Enslaved rocked them all the way home. It was great to be at a real rock concert again, with noise, smoke, long hair and lots of posing (these guys know how to pose!). You may say whatever you like about the metal people, but they manage to do a concert with three bands, and finish the whole thing off on time!
Between the sets, the DJ (if they're called that in these settings) played Marvin Gaye!
More pictures here.
After the show I got this one: "Hey man, not to be rude, but you look a bit old, do you really like this". Damn, what kind of upbringing did these kids get?


Head Ov Metal said...

I'm at Garage and stumbled on your blog!
I can't wait to see more of your pictures when I get longer internet access!
Of course, you are not too old!
Hails, friend!

Svenn said...

Hello! Glad I met you two. Enjoy your stay in Bergen.
Of course I'm too old ;-)