Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fire Room

I finally got Fire Room's "Broken Music" (Atavistic 2008). Fire Room is Ken Vandermark: reeds, Lasse Marhaug: electronics and Paal Nilssen-Love: percussion. The album was releases this spring, and there was no reason to wait this long. The album is great, and I like the electric storms Marhaug cooks up for Vandermark/Nilssen-Love. Talking about cooking, sometimes it sounds like Marhaug is roasting some bacon too, while the other guys improvise. You get blow outs and close to silence on this album. Great fun!

The reason I finally got the album, is that I jumped on the offer from eMusic, and bought a basic $12 for 30 downloads package. I also got 50 free downloads as a welcome gift, so my mouse arm started to hurt yesterday evening.I couldn't find everything I wanted, but quite a lot of good and strange stuff. If you download 2 minute pop songs, you don't get as good value for money (measured in minutes) as you do with endless free jazz happenings, but the choice is yours.
I hope the musicians get a good deal with eMusic too!

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