Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am one of those guys who like to fill my house up with records and books, but have been shopping a bit on iTunes. I see some bloggers get their music at emusic and i think this looks interesting (and cheaper than iTunes). I don't like the subscription bit, but I might OK that if it's a good shop. If some of you readers would like to share your experience with emusic, please do.
I did my usual Robert Wyatt test in emusic, and found a tribute called "Robert Wyatt" on "Ralph Sounds" by Ralph Carney (Akron Cracker Records, 1997). Haven't heard that one before (as far as I remember, that is).

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Unknown said...

I think you'll find much of interest (full disclosure: I work there), speaking as a huge R Wyatt fan myself. Here's another way to find related music courtesy an emusic member who took it upon himself create a search that maps emusic catalog against lastFM user interests: