Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wyatt vinyl

It was good to see the "new" Robert Wyatt LPs in a good record store in Bergen, fresh and fine. I bought my copies of "Rock Bottom" and "Ruth is Stranger than Richard" used, back in the 70s, so they look a bit tired even if I treated them well. Alfies covers are great, but the "Ruth is Stranger" cover is not 100% like the original, is it? It's like the Hannibal CD-edition from 1998 with more of the color blue.
"Theatre Royal Drury Lane" comes as a Double LP, but no fold out cover. Great package, with good, heavy vinyl.


david fenech said...

the great news is that shleep will be released for the first time on vynile, and with a LP full of rarities... it seems.

Svenn said...

Yes, one side of songs not originally on Shleep. hey might have been on other Wyatt records, but we´ll see. Waiting for it.