Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shleep is coming

In an advertisement for Domino (read in Uncut) they claim that the double vinyl reissue of "Shleep" (out 17 November) will have a "full side of exclusive material". According to Amazon the tunes are:
"Te Recuerdo Amanda"
"When Access Was A Noun"
"Signed Curtain (Plus Cornet)"
"September In The Rain"
"I Wonder How Your Breathe Can Last".
The same songs seem to be on the single CD too. A bit more info on the Domino site would help.


Anonymous said...

Received the LP version of Shleep on friday. I can't believe I have it after all these years, one of my top 5 albums ever. The artwork is the same as the original Rykodisc album, but split in the two inner sleeves for each disc. It looks beautiful! The bonus tracks are as advertised in amazon, with Te Recuerdo Amanda and Yolanda finishing Side 3, and the rest on Side 4.

Svenn said...

I'm ordring it right away!