Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Street art for street papers. Press release.

I received a press release from Megafon, the Bergen street paper, today. They have collected 80 pictures from 61 street artists from all over the world. 16 November they will hold an auction in bergen, and the pictures will be exhibited from 10 November. It will be possible to bid by telephone and on the net, but I'm not sure if foreigners may participate. I'll check up on that, and come back with more info, and even manage name the artists who made the two pictures in this post.
Money from the auction will be used to arrange a Street Noise concert in support of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP).
You may try for some more info from Morten Heszlein- Lossius: morten@megafon.no.

INSP: www.street-papers.org
Megafon: www.megafon.no
Bergen kunsthall: www.kunsthall.no

Added Wednesday: It will be possible to make bids from abroad too (telephone and web).

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