Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Even more of Robert Wyatt in the media

I promise not to post every single paper or blog that review the reisssues of the old Robert Wyatt albums, but just show you Geir Rakvaags piece in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen (paper version 1 November 2008). They have been supporting Robert all the way, and way to go it is! The title means "Music for everybody"!

Musiknews was at the Frankfurt festival.

The blog "Muzik gezien" got lots of pictures from Frankfurt, also from "Wyatt variations".

New York Times (4 November) has a piece on the guitarist Mary Halvorsen . Let's just cite from the interview: "But in her own playing she will often introduce obstacles to fluency: a rhythmic hiccup, a mangled chord. Two of her favorite musicians are Robert Wyatt, the British prog-rocker turned jazz fabulist, and John Dieterich, who plays guitar in Deerhoof, a shrewdly ungainly indie-rock band".

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