Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Money Will Ruin Everything 2

I hope you haven't sent your wish lists to granny and Santa. A new version of "Money Will Ruin Everything" from Rune Grammofon is out 8 December. New interviews, new Hiorthøy art works and a new double CD with exclusive tracks:

Humcrush Mono Hum
Skyphone Cloudpanic
Huntsville Will Goes Hunting
Scorch Trio Hys
Ultralyd Conditions For A Piece Of Music II
Archetti / Wiget Stück 26
Opsvik & Jennings Leaves And Smoke
Phonophani The Atlantic
Food / Nils Petter Molvær Tukpa
Deathprod A Dream For Ted Greene
Susanna Goodbye
In The Country Ashes To Ashes

Susanna And The Magical Orchestra When I Am Laid
Arve Henriksen No Horizon
Nils Økland Passacaglia
Eivind Opsvik Overseas Neil
Shining 21st Century Schizoid Man
Jono El Grande Eva´s Horse Dance
The Story Of Modern Farming Christ
Maja Ratkje Die Ballade Vom Ertrunkenen Mädchen
Supersilent C – 6.1
Box Untitled 6
Svalastog Timberwork
Alog / Spunk Picnic Avec
Jessica Daniel

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