Saturday, February 7, 2009

Arve Henriksen Trio

Arve Henriksen (trumpet, vocal) visited Bergen Jazzforum Friday, with Morten Qvenild (keyb, vocal) and Martin Horntvedt (perc). Beautiful, playful and lots of fun! Henriksen is able to play and sing so beautiful that you may have to hide a tear, but he lets us off the hook with a lot of humour. Qvenild and Horntvedt were given lots of room to play both piano solos and percussive attacks on a doll's head! They even claimed to have been playing a ZZ Top cover too, probably inspired by Horntvedt's beard. It just might have been "Cheap Sunglasses", or rather not.
And the audience behaved well too! Around midnight Henriksen and Qvenild played "Sorrow and its opposite" from "Cartography", and I swear, it was not one drunken shout in the room, something you seldom experience a Friday night in Norway.


musiklabor said...

Arve Henriksen plays fine music. You have a nice blog with good links.

Svenn said...

Thank you!