Monday, February 2, 2009


Last year a remastered version of Damon & Naomi's "More sad hits" (from 1992) was out. On this record you'll find a quite nice version of Soft Machine's "Memories", written by Hugh Hopper (it's on "Jet Propelled Photographs"). Buy the tune at eMusic or iTunes, or visit your local record store (if you still have one). Robert Wyatt on Damon & Naomi: “Like real water in a world of soda pop.”
Damon & Naomi are pretty good, but stand no chance against Whitney Houston and Material's version of "Memories" from 1983, with Archie Shepp on tenor sax. Listen here!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that the material version is that great. Obviously Miss Houston has still to find her singing style. But I agree that the Damon & Naomi version isn't very special.
If you want very good records feat. D & N, go for Galaxie 500 and Magic Hour.