Friday, February 27, 2009

Unknown legends of Rock 'n' Roll

Unknown Legends of Rock and Roll
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Robert Wyatt is interviewed in Richie Unterbergers book "Unknown legends of Rock 'n' Roll" (Backbeat 1998). Wyatt claims he makes music because he's got a strange feeling of a "constant sense of disappointment with what I've already done". He also talks about cover tunes, of which he has made some (I’m a believer, At last I am free, Grass etc), and he doesn't see the big difference between doing cover songs and his own material. Example: Elvis Presley was never known to sing Big Mama Thornton covers, since he made every song his own.

You'll find some obscure artists in the book, but to the well educated readers of this blog, several will be well known (of course!). More on the artists in the book here. If you read "Unknown legends of Rock 'n' Roll" you are ready for a third degree pop quiz anytime. Marc Bolan? Oh he was in Johns Children!
You also get a CD with 12 songs.

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