Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Memories

Yesterday I wrote about the beautiful Soft Machine tune "Memories" (Hugh Hopper), and admitting to like Damon & Naomi's version and Material's with Whitney Houston. Today I went shopping in iTunes for Mars Volta's version of the song. "The Bedlam Goliath" (2008) seems to have been issued in a special edition with extra tunes (including "Memories"). Good one too!
Robert Wyatt is still the king of this song, and you'll find his versions on Soft Machine's "Jet-Propelled Photographs" and with Robert Wyatt and friends on "Theatre Royal Drury Lane".
Finally we send some warm thoughts to Hugh Hopper, the man behind the tune, who had to get more treatment for his cancer. Get well!


Yves said...

I think I remember "Memories" was the b-side of Shipbuilding (or was it on the maxi-single version ?).

Svenn said...

Hey. That´s another song :-). It´s "Memories of you" (Eubie Blake & Andy Razaf), and it´s both on the 7" and the 12". That´s a nice one too!

Anonymous said...

Just don't forget that there is another great version of the song, sung by Robert plus playing guitar (!), on Daevid Allen's "Bananamoon".


Svenn said...

You are right of course, that's a wonderful version.