Saturday, December 19, 2009

Henry Cow Box Set

Just a reminder of the enormous Henry Cow box set from R&R. If you feel it is overkill to buy 10 CDs and DVD with this band, you may now download what you want from iTunes or eMusic. Robert Wyatt is on volume 2 "1974-5" and volume 3 "Hamburg", with Chris Cutler , Lindsay Cooper, Fred Frith, John Greaves, Tim Hodgkinson and Dagmar Krause. On "Hamburg" the band does Matching Mole´s "Gloria Gloom" (Wyatt/McCormick), but Wyatt is not on this one.
Since I´m Norwegian (and we are chauvinists), I also focus on the two hours of impro from Trondheim 26 May 1976, the band being Cutler, Frith, Hodgkinson and Cooper here.
John Kelman of AAJ guides you through the box set.

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