Friday, December 11, 2009

Slapp Happy

Slapp Happy is Peter Blegvad, Anthony Moore and Dagmar Krause, and as you all know, they made some great albums with slightly melancholic pop in the 70s ("Sort of", "Casablanca moon" and "Desperate Straights").
The reunion album "Ça Va" came in 1998 and is almost as good as the first ones (listen to "Scarred for life"!). This album has been hard to find (they claim), but it is now reissued by Voiceprint. Just buy it!
Voiceprint also reissued "Live in Japan - May 2000", originally from 2001, and i must admit I didn´t know about it until now (so much for claiming to be a Slapp Happy fan). On this live recording they do songs from all mentioned albums, and even if the live feeling is a bit dull, the songs come through, and you have to get this one too, after getting the other ones (also available on iTunes and eMusic).
What a great trio this is!

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