Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vic Chesnutt 1964 - 2009

There were rumors all over Twitter yesterday, concerning Vic
Chesnutt´s suicide attempt, and unfortunately it was all true, he is now confirmed dead. Kristin Hersh made a tribute and support site where you may donate some money to help the family.
I only saw Chesnutt live once, at a student place in Bergen several years ago. He seemed a bit grumpy, coming into the hall behind the audience in his wheel chair, and asked to be carried and lifted on stage by the people up front. But he did a fantastic solo show, ending up smiling a lot, partly because several of the young girls in the audience seemed to know all his lyrics.
If the "Everything I say" video does not move you today, I don´t think I can help. It was filmed in in November 2009, and the band is tagged Fugazi on YouTube!

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