Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not cool

Over at Free Jazz I found a blog post on saxophone player Chris Kelsey´s album "Not cool (as in ... "The opposite of Paul Desmond")". What a great album this is, with hot and intense jazz music, as far away from Paul Desmond and other cool cat´s calculated stuff, as Kelsey (according to the liner notes) wants to be.
The album is available for free from Kelseys blog for a limited period, but you may of course pay something for it too, to his PayPal account (as I chose to do) . The music, the cover and the liner notes are all easy to download. Better than what iTunes and eMusic offer when I pay for my music. In Kelsey´s band we hear Chris Dimeglio (trompet), François Grillot (bass) and Jay Rosen (trommer). Damn, I just have to call it a cool album (sorry)!

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