Monday, December 20, 2010

3 new ones from +3dB

Just a reminder here, about the three newest releases from the Bergen record company +3dB, if you need something else than easy listening for Christmas. Not that this is too heavy, but the music will at least sound pretty fresh next year too. I have just started to dip into these three albums, but they sound fascinating, interesting and nice (make them sound boring, do I?).

You may even listen to them on Spotify if you have access. I must admit it´s pretty fun to get Mariah Carey on the ear, telling me about her Christmas album, while listening to some chamber-contemorary -impro! (Yes I still run the free version of Spotify, with advertising).

- Tilbury/Duch/Davies: "Cornelius Cardew Works 1960-1970". John Tilbury (p), Michael Francis Duch (b) and Rhodri Davis (harp).
- Lemur: "Aigéan". This is the second Lemur album on +3dB, and while Cardew´s composed music sound improvised (OK, some of it really is improvised), Lemur´s imrov sound composed.  The fine lemurs are: Bjørnar Habbestad (fl), Lene Grenager (cello), Hild Sofie Tafjord (horn) and Michael Francis Duch (b).
- Michael Francis Duch: "Edges". Duch´s first solo album.

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Björn med r said...

just started following your blog, and this label is greeeeaaaaaaat!
tack för tipset!