Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We have already mentioned the label Hubro in this blog a couple of times (Mats Eilertsen and Labfield), and here they are with a pretty smart one again! is Jessica Sligter (voc, g, p, fl, melodica), and the album is named "Balls and kittens, draught and strangling rain" (Hubro 2010).
"JÆ" is supposed to be a way of writing "Jay", Jessica Sligters nick name. (And you know Æ is like "ae" for you English writers).

Hubro calls this Jessica Sligter´s solo project, but she really has a lot of good friends from the Norwegian improv gang here too (most of them mentioned in this blog already, I think): Jan Martin Smørdal, Daniel Meyer Grønvold, Kyrre Laastad, Eivind Lønning, Martin Taxt, Ole Henrik Moe and Kari Rønnekleiv (and more).

This is dreamy, melancholic pop music, colored by indie and freak folk, and even with a dash of Canterbury (no way I will explain that one)! This is a wonderful album! If you like Antony, Coco Rosie and Joanna Newsom, this one might be for you. If you don´t like them, I bet you like this one.

Tell you what, make this album your Christmas album, and you you don´t even have to pack it away come 2011.

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