Sunday, December 12, 2010

BmX: Bergen Open

BMX is a Bergen bass-less trio, inspired by the Motian - Frisell - Lovano trio, with Njål Ølnes (g), Thomas T. Dahl (g) og Øyvind Skarbø (dr). They started as a trio in 2006,  but have been performing live regularly with veteran trumpet player Per Jørgensen (tp).
BMX and Jørgensen have recently released a bright yellow double album called "Bergen Open" on Karl Seglem´s  NORCD label.
Four out of five tracks on CD number 2 is written by Njål Ølnes, while the two other tracks are improvisations. In fact the whole of the first CD is an improvisation that developed during a sound check (lasting close to 47 minutes).

Bergen Open is named after a tennis tournament, and I guess improvisations may be compared to playing balls to one another?! So it is improvised, but it´s varied, melodic and really nice.
Have a listen on MySpace.

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