Friday, December 3, 2010

Scatting Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt worked with Genie Cosmas and the band Fish out of Water on the album "Lucky Scars" (Stream Records, 1995). He scatted on three tracks and played piano on two of them ("Once in a lifetime", "Cry from the city" in two versions). Now there are new mixes to be released of these,  and the track  "Her old man" (also with Wyatt), on Genie Cosmas´ album "Cry from the City. Music 4 Film, TV & Radio" (Stream Records 2010 (?)).

This is a celebration of 20 years of Stream Records.

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hixem said...

This album is available as download on Amazon. I don't think it is available on CD yet ?
Anyway, I purchased the track "her old man (featuring Robert Wyatt)" since it is the only track with (allegedly) Wyatt, which is not on the original CD. BUT... it's an all instrumental track, no Wyatt vocals at all; maybe he's playing piano... or percussion ?
Anyone knows ?