Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nels Cline: "Dirty Baby"

After reading the review over at Free Jazz, I just had to get Nels Cline´s ambitious "Dirty Baby"(Cryptogramophone 2010). This is a double CD with music inspired by the artist Ed Ruscha. We get two CDs with very different music, two booklets with very different art (66 pictures all in all), and a booklet with text written by Nels Cline!

The music on  CD 1 is some kind of jazz + americana (you just have to listen yourselves) and  CD 2 has no less than 33 tracks with (according to Cline)  "--a total mash-up of free jazz, hard rock, grindcore, Morton Feldmanesque swaths of indeterminancy, blues, Ellington/Evans references, spy music, and more - all to create tension between these sesibilities, to highlight differences, to punctuate conflict".  I just know this will tempt you too.  And even if I love my mp3s, it´s good too see artists going for the real deal (physical format that is).
I got my copy from Amazon.

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