Monday, June 20, 2011

Music in the clouds

It's raining more and more music from the clouds these days. I find interesting stuff on SoundCloud all the time, stuff uploaded by the artist or the record company, and of course tracks uploaded by people with a pretty loose attitude to copyright rules.

We'll let Maja Ratkje and Lasse Marhaug represent the artists, and Miasmah the record labels (listen to all of Kreng's fine new album).

[maja solveig kjelstrup ratkje - Joy] by n66x

Marhaug: Feed the Earth and Master It (2010) by Marhaug

Kreng - Grimoire by miasmah

If you are looking for some Robert Wyatt in the cloud, you will find tracks from official Wyatt albums as well as obscure cover songs. Check out "Alifib" by Cyann & Ben and Rokia Draore and Remi Dumoulin.

Cyann & Ben : Alifib (FD session - Robert Wyatt cover) by fdshow

Rokia Traore and Remi Dumoulin - Alifib by FM18Z

And then buy some music!

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