Monday, June 27, 2011

Stanley Brinks and The Kaniks

Any fans of Stanley Brinks (from Herman Dune) visiting? He has recorded an album called "Jamaica Inn" at a lighthouse outside Egersund in Norway. It´s released on the label Hype City (2011). Musicians are: Stanley Brinks, Erlend Aasland, Olav Christer Rossebø, Staale Holgersen, Ingemund Askeland and Kjetil Lundø (they play all kinds of string instrument and trombone).
The music is a mix of all kinds of styles, like bluegrass, country, calypso, jazz and probably other styles too, and (this may scare some of you!) you will probably start humming, or even sing along to the album. Both LP and CD available from

I heard them do a midday concert in Sandnes (Norway) a couple of days ago, and they were magnificent, this time with Clemence Freschard in the band too. The songs sounded even better live,and Stanley Brinks was a sight, walking around with a cup of coffee, sitting down at the tables singing, and even emptying a vase when thirsty (not to be recommended I think).

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