Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Extra Playful Transitions

I promise! This is the last post on Record Store Day 2012.
But let´s have this one too. "Extra Playful Transitions" (Double Six 2012) is a remix of the John Cale EP "Transitions" (2011), by Actress, Maria Minerva, Tim Hecker, Leyland Kirby & Alva Noto.
Design: Satomi.

The tracks:
A1. ‘Whaddya Mean By That’ – Maria Minvera's Freaky Cafe Del Mar Mix
A2. ‘Perfection’ – Actress Reflection Mix
A3. ‘Catastrofuk’ – Alva Noto Remodel
B1. ‘Watching & Waiting For You To Begin’ – Leyland Kirby
B2. ‘Suffocation Raga For John Cale’ – Tim Hecker

John Cale - Extra Playful: Transitions (Preview) by Double Six

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