Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mynah Birds

I promised you never to mention Record Store Day 2012 again, but then Tor at Bergen´s Apollon record store went on about The Mynah Birds, and yes I bought another 7". This is just the reason we still need good record shops.
The Mynah Birds recorded the rocker "It´s my time" and the ballad "Go on and cry" for Motown in 1966, but the songs were not released until "The Complete Motown Singles" came in 2006.
Now the vinyl single, with the two mentioned tracks, was released in an edition of 5000 for Record Store Day 2012, and I got number 4879.

I hereby confess that I did not know that Neil Young did record for Motown, and played in aband with Rick James! The other guys in The Mynah Birds were Bruce Palmer, Rickman Mason and John Taylor.
Palmer went to LA with Neil Young, and started Buffalo Springfield, after The Mynah Birds imploded.

Nick Warburton tells The Mynah Birds story over at Neil Young News.

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