Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Only Connect

Those of you heading towards Oslo in June, please note that a new festival is starting up.

Only Connect
is curated by Anne Hilde Neset (the organization Ny Musikk) and Rob Young (The Wire), and will happen in the period 7 - 10 June. The topic for this year´s festival is "A Tonal View Of Times Tomorrow", inspired by a Sun Ra title.

See the program here, and you will of course recognize several artist mentioned in this blog (Stian Westerhus, Okkyung Lee, Michael F. Duch, El Doom, John Hegre).

The festival´s own blurbs:

Time-travel back to the Antarctic race of 1912.

Immerse yourself in an imaginary journey
to Mars.

Feel the spirit of ancient Greek tragedy and
the austere kitsch of the Cold War.

Listen to the unsettling noise of stretched Metal
and other musics replayed at a snail’s pace.

Experience a sonic séance in Oslo’s eeriest
venue. And hear the incredible sound of 100
metronomes in full flow.

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