Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti - Gramercy

Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti - Gramercy by miasmah

It´s finally summer here in Bergen! I should be outdoors playing badminton, while listening to happy pop music through the open windows, but I´m playing Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti´s "Gramercy" again.

And once more, I´m not much of an expert (surprise!). I don´t think I have heard about either Gareth Davis (clar) or France-Marie Uitti (cello) until now, and I don´t know what to call this music (what would you do without music bloggers!?), but no problem! Listen for yourselves, the great Miasmah label share a lot of good music over at SoundCloud.

A bit dark this, but very beautiful music, that´s my opinion. Agree?

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