Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jean Pierre Muller - 7X7

Alright, even I am starting to realize that I just can´t get a complete Robert Wyatt collection!

Now he is one of the chosen seven for Jean Pierre Muller´s project 7X7, where he is working with interactive sound sculptures. 7 artists, each work in an edition of 7.

Let me steal from Muller´s site:

"7×7 is seven interactive sound sculptures, silk-screen-printed in an edition of seven. Music emerges from the picture as the viewer approaches the artwork and disappears as they go away (speakers are hidden in the structure). Each work takes the shape of one letter corresponding to a note (A to G) and has a dominant colour corresponding to one of the colours of the rainbow. Each “letter” is linked to a chakra, day of the week and the planet and deity to which this day is associated.

Seven of the world’s greatest musicians have composed an original music for 7×7, in response to themes linked to the artwork. Each composition is in the corresponding key (for instance, the soundtrack for A is in A…). And so, in the 7×7 grammar, we have:

A = ROBERT WYATT = Red = Monday = Moon = Diana = Muladhara (Earth)

B = ARCHIE SHEPP = Orange = Tuesday = Mars = Svadhisthana (Water)

C = SEAN O’HAGAN = Yellow = Wednesday = Mercury = Manipurana (Fire)

D = MULATU ASTATKE = Green = Thursday = Jupiter = Anahata (Air)

E = KASSIN = Blue = Friday = Venus = Visuddha (Ether)

F = NILE RODGERS = Indigo = Saturday = Saturn = Anja (Soul)

G = TERRY RILEY = Violet = Sunday = Sun = Sahasrara (Vibration)"

An right here you may read about Robert Wyatt´s work.

Hmm, wonder what one of them will cost the buyer?

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