Monday, July 9, 2012

John Greaves: Verlaine 2

Four years ago (time flies!) I had a tiny blog post on John Greaves and his album "Verlaine", with lyrics by the poet Paul Verlaine and music by Greaves.

Now John Greaves is back with part two, "Divine Ignorante" on Cristal Records (2012).
And it is still French of course, and I don´t understand much of it, but I like it a lot anyway!
I guess you get the printed poems if you buy the CD this time too (I settled for the mp3s), but Verlaine´s poems should all be possible to find over at Project Gutenberg (see here for instance).

John Greaves : vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, organ, bass guitar
Jeff Morin : guitar, bass guitar
Silvain Vanot : guitar, banjo, harmonica, vocals
Matthieu Rabaté : drums
Scott Taylor : accordion, concertina , flutes, trumpette, tuba
Laurent Valéro : violin, alto, bandoneon, flutes
Jeanne Added : vocals
Jonathan Bell : piano (one track)
Michel Rechtman : chorus (one track)

Elise Caron: vocals (added 23 July, after comment)

An opera based on the project seems to be ready too (or at least in the making). Check out the teaser below.


Hélène C. said...

Also on vocals : Elise Caron !

Svenn said...

Thanks. Will add to post.

Hélène C. said...