Sunday, July 1, 2012

John Surman: Saltash Bells (ECM)

I believe I first heard (and liked!) John Surman on "Extrapolation" (1969) with John McLaughlin and "Morning Glory" (1973), where Terje Rypdal is also playing.

Surman has released several solo albums, and I own "Westering Home" (1972), "Upon Reflection" (1979), "Private City" (1988) and "A Biography Of The Rev, Absalom Dawe" (1995), recommending all of them! The four last ones are on ECM, and I suggest you try "Upon Reflection" first, if you don´t know them.
No, I am not a John Surman expert, but you might become one if you start studying Dan Kurdilla´s (not completely updated) discography.

Well, John Surman is at it again, with a fine new solo album called "Saltash Bells", with music inspired by the English landscapes he grew up in.
The album title (and title track) refers to the sound of the church bells of Saltash.
Warning: This is romantic, melodic and beautiful music, and might be just a bit too sweet for some of you tough guys.

John Surman plays saxophones (baritone, soprano, tenor), clarinets (alto, bass, contrabass), harmonica and synthesizer.

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