Saturday, July 21, 2012

Moldejazz 2012 - Friday

Things you may experience on a Friday at Moldejazz:

- Jazz historian Bjørn Stendahl had invited Evan Parker and Alexander von Schlippenbach to talk about European Free Jazz at the Festival Academy. Avantgarde, free jazz, creative music, progressive jazz, call it whatever you like, these guys have been there, and seemed to enjoy talking about it too!

- Lasse Marhaug turned the volume up at visual artist Kjell Bjørgeengen´s festival exhibition, also bringing some more action to the screens. Good stuff!

- Alexander von Schlippenbach (p), Paul Lovens (dr) and Evan Parker (sax) were in a bit of hurry, and had to finish their trio concert after 50 minutes, because two of them had a plane to catch.
Seeing Evan Parker and Paul Lovens several times this week, has been the festival highlight for me.

And since it was Friday night, i was allowed to stay out after midnight to see Neneh Cherry and The Thing! Even if the sound was not perfect from the word go, at least where I was hiding (close to one of the walls), things got much better (or I was relaxing more in the club atmosphere?) and the show was great (music, sound, lights etc)!
My back was hurting like hell after standing on my feet for almost two hours, but that did not feel too bad after all, when I heard that the poor people of the band had to get on a night ferry after the concert, to reach their venue in Austria in time for the Saturday concert! What happened to stars and posh parties?

"Fire Flate" uploaded a video from the Schlippenbach/Lovens/Parker concert. More videos here.

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