Saturday, July 7, 2012

St Francis Duo

Stephen O´Malley (g) and Steve Noble (dr) are St Francis Duo.
In 2010 they played two evenings at London´s Cafe Oto, and you may get a recording of these concerts on double vinyl, CD and mp3, thanks to Bo´Weavil.

Stephen O´Malley, as you all know, is the noise and drone man from Sunn O))), and Steve Noble seems to have played with the lot of free jazzers around (I heard him at All Ears in January with Rolf Erik Nystrøm and Ketil Gutvik (picture).Both of them play in Æthenor.

You get four great improvisations, lasting 18 - 21 minutes.These guys are tough enough, but it´s not noisy all the time. Check out track number two for instance, with it´s long quiet period in the middle.

Oh yes, I wanted the double vinyl, but got the download from emusic instead, partly because of the price exceeding the Norwegian level for extra taxing of imported goods. It´s still the ridicilous amount of 200 Norwegian kroner (less than 20 GBP, 35 USD)!

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