Thursday, July 19, 2012

Moldejazz - Wednesday

Busy times at Moldejazz these days, and just a short roundup from Wednesday here. I heard Jeanelle Monae from my mother´s garden and missed Jøkleba, but still!

- Moldejazz has a special program for kids this year, and Wednesday´s Festival Academy focused on music for children. Veteran drummer Espen Rud (Min Bul, Svein Finnerud Trio) and vocal artist Eldbjørg Raknes were guesting.

- I guess I really should keep quiet about it, but I had never heard Australian The Necks until yesterday! They played a midday concert for quite a small audience, but were fantastic! Great improv! The Necks are Chris Abraham (p), Tony Buck (dr) and Lloyd Swanton (b).

- I had a front seat at the Paul Lovens(dr, perc) and Thomas Lehn (analog synthesizer) concert, and was happy to observe their improvisation and communication! A short video here.
Paul Lovens is also going to play with Globe Unity Orchestra during the festival, and in a trio with Alexander von Schlippenback and Evan Parker.
Thomas Lehn will perform with artist Kjell Bjørgeengen in his exhibition on Thursday (hey, less than three hours from now!).

- Later in the evening I attended the concert with Aki Takase (p) and Han Bennink (dr). Wild rythms, nice melodies and showtime! Bennink of course, beats his single drum, his shoes, teeth, bottles, walls and you name it, and if you sit close to the drummer, you sometimes have to concentrate to find Takase in there, but she came through for sure! They seemed to enjoy each others company too!

Bennink after dragging his wet finger across the drum: "This sounds like Kurt Schwitters´ fart! But shit happens!".

- On my way home I was a bit scared by a man in a hedge.

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