Sunday, August 19, 2012

Antony and The Johnsons: Cut the world

I have been playing Antony and The Johnsons´ latest album repeatedly for about a week now. "Cut the world" (Secretly Canadian/Rough Trade) was recorded live in Copenhagen with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra, and we get very fine versions of songs from Antony´s previous albums (Cripple And The Starfish, You Are My Sister, Swanlights, Epilepsy Is Dancing, Another World, Kiss My Name, I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy, Rapture, The Crying Light, Twilight), and the title track "Cut the world", written for Robert Wilson´s piece "The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic".

Willem Defoe played in Robert Wilson´s piece, and is also one of the two main characters in the intense and brutal video for "Cut the World" (Directed by Nabil), with Carice Van Houten.

Prepare yourselves for the track "Future feminism", a speech "Addressing the affects of patriarchy on the global ecology, Antony explores the possibility of shifting towards feminine systems of governance in a gesture to restore our world" according to the record company.

The album is available as mp3, CD, or beautiful double vinyl with CD or download code. Way to do it!


The Non Stop Shoebox said...

Holy Fuck!

And I can remember when pop videos featured young white boys dressed up on expensive yachts!


Svenn said...

Yes, those were the days!