Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Streifenjunko: "Sval torv" (SOFA 2012)

The Norwegian record company SOFA released their first vinyl record a couple of days ago.
And we get no less than a double album by the saxophone-trumpet duo Streifenjunko.

Eivind Lønning (tp) and Espen Reinertsen (tp) play really slooow improv, with drone like parts, sirene sounds, beautiful melodies, lots of breathing, and sometimes it sounds as they play the same instrument, mixing their sounds good.

Eivind Lønning and Espen Reinertsen have been in this blog before, just check out Koboku Senjû. The title on this new album "Sval torv" means something like "Cool peat", while Koboku Senjû´s album was called "Selektiv hogst" ("Selective logging") (SOFA 2010) and the two musicians also played on the SOFA album "Varianter av døde trær" ("Variants of dead trees") (SOFA 2008).
All titles fitting well with this slow moving, organic music.

Play loud in a room meant for music listening! I usually like listening on my iPod on the streets and inside buses, not minding the blending of music and sounds of the city, but too much of "Sval torv" gets lost.

Cover: Kjell Bjørgeengen/Rutger Zuydervelt.

Shop the vinyl version at SOFA and at streifenjunko.bandcamp.com.
On the bandcamp site you may altso have a listen, and download the album for at at least 50 NOK (about 5 GBP).

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