Thursday, August 2, 2012

Robert Wyatt in Edinburgh

It has been festival times in Edinburgh again, and at the Fringe an installation called "7 X 7" by Jean Pierre Muller was exhibited. Robert Wyatt has made music for "7 X 7".

As if this was not enough, Robert Wyatt attended a concert with Archie Shepp and Tom McClung, where they played his piece live.

Check out great pictures of Robert Wyatt and Archie Shepp by Marc Marnie over at Flickr, both of them here and a Wyatt portrait here.

From the Edinburgh Festival Guide:
"This year's Fringe sees Shepp contributing to Jean Pierre Muller's 7 x 7 Street, a sound and art installation which also features music by Robert Wyatt, Nile Rodgers, Terry Riley, Mulatu Astatke, Kasin and Sean O'Hagan. To launch this project, Shepp will be performing a special duo set with pianist Tom McClung in the unusual setting of Summerhall's former dissection lecture theatre".

"Robert Wyatt will be in attendance on the night and Shepp has been asked to play his contribution to 7x7. It's not Shepp's first encounter with Wyatt's music. In 1982, Shepp played on a version of 'Memories', a song written by Hugh Hopper but popularised by Wyatt, with the young Whitney Houston as part of producer Bill Laswell's Material project".

In this interview you may also learn that Archie Shepp and Robert Wyatt first met when they were honored at the University of Liège in 2009. Alfreda Benge´s pictures from that happening in this old blog post.

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