Monday, August 6, 2012

Robert Wyatt guesting

Robert Wyatt´s solo release schedule is pretty relaxed, but he seems to be quite willing to join other people on their records.

Below are three Wyatt-related albums (I´m a bit late with one of them!), and don´t forget Get The Blessing.

Please study Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt, the place to visit when it comes to matters like this!

Dave Formula: "Satellite Sweetheart" (Wire-Sound 2010).
Wyatt with vocals and cornet on "The World Behind Your Eyes".

Philippe Barbot: "Point Barre" (Believe 2012).
Barbot is singing his own lyrics to the instrumental "Raining in my heart" from Robert Wyatt´s album "Cuckooland" (Hannibal 2003).

: "Unearth" (NinjaTunes 2012).
Wyatt with vocals and cornet on the beautiful "Richardson Road".

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