Thursday, November 29, 2012

Professor Tip Top: Aoum

In January I had a cosy little blog post on Professor Tip Top´s album, "Are you Empirical?" in my Norwegian blog (Google translate will get you through I hope), and now they are here again with another album called "Aoum" (Fossbakk Hansen Prod, 2012).

They call their music psykedelika/prog/jazz (Facebook), and I think I will dare to use the C-word (it´s "Canterbury"!) here too.
A bit nostalgic (in a good way), with traces of Gong and Pink Floyd, and quite a few catchy melodies too.

"Living in the past, is my future right now"
("Living in the past")

Musicians: Svein Magnar Hansen (voc), Sam Fossbakk (g, synth stuff), Mette Soele Zachau Mathiesen (dr), Sonja Otto (voc, hammond), Stein Høgseth (bass) and once again (I´m quite impressed!) Jon Irabagon (Mostly Other People Do The Killing) on sax!

Music: Sam Fossbakk.
Lyrics: Svein Magnar Hansen.
Cover: Øyvind Lothe, Reine Linjer.

If you want to check them out, downloads are available and easy to find (iTunes, eMusic). CDs and LPs exist too, but might be harder to get (try asking at their FB site).

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