Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Social Media Tapes

Selling CDs, LPs, mp3/FLAC, or streaming? Norwegian sax player Petter Wettre seems to think that it is not possible for a musician like him to get his money back that way any longer, so he is trying something else: Like him on Facebook, or follow him on YouTube or Twitter, and you will get his new album for free!

He is hoping to get lots of followers, and to attract advertisers. I´m in doubt, but will wait and see if it´s possible for a jazz musician to get a fair amount of well deserved money that way!

Anyway, it is quite easy for you to get Petter Wettre Next Generation: "The Social Media Tapes" (Household Records 2012), a great album with four compositions by Wettre, and one each from Andrew Cyrille, Julius Hemphill, Steve Colson and Thelonious Monk. Highly recommended!

The band : Petter Wettre (saxophone), Kim Johannesen (guitar), Dag Erik Andersen (drums) and Jon Rune Strøm (bass).

For those of you who can read Norwegian, here is an interview with Petter Wettre in Ballade (Oct. 2012).

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