Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Robert Wyatt - Covers and Tributes

Since you have bought all the Robert Wyatt albums now, why not go hunting for records where other people play Wyatt?
I have mentioned several of them in the blog of course, like Mop Meuchine, The Unthanks, Orchestre National de Jazz etc, so today just a mention of two albums released before my blogging days started.

All the way from Austria, Cpt. Kirk & The More Extended Versions deliver "Round About Wyatt" (1994), and various artists (led by Annie Whitehead) serve "Soupsongs Live. The Music of Robert Wyatt" (2000).

Once upon a time, I decided that shopping on eBay would not be healthy for my bank account, so I probably lack releases some of you feel I should have promoted.
Since you all have better self control (or are richer) than me, I bet you will find the records you want!

Right here is everything you need to know about Robert Wyatt covers and tributes.

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