Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cooling it?

I have been posting in this blog and in Wyatting almost daily for about six years now, and have to admit I sometimes wonder what the hell I am doing with my time!

At a meeting with myself I had these points up for discussion:

1: Keep on blogging like a mad man.
2: Let´s have a pure Robert Wyatt blog (that was the intention when I started blogging; sorry for drowning Wyatt in other stuff!).
3: Cool it down a bit, and have some breaks.
4: Stop blogging.

After some serious fighting ("discussion"), number 3 won.

Suddenly it may be quiet in here for a day of five. Probably will be better for all of us!?


vincentsear said...

rest up friend, i for one truly appreciate what you do.

Svenn said...


Martyr410 said...

number 3 :Good choice !

I always like to read your posts.
Pure Wyatt or whatever.
I happen to buy the Arve/Teun Vinyl after reading about it on your blog.
(no downloadcode in mine also, but I friendly mail to Teun solved the problem)

Keep up the blogging, and enjoy your breaks.