Monday, September 30, 2013

Espen Reinertsen: "Forgaflingspop"

Espen Reinertsen (sax, misc) has visited the blog before as a member of the slow impro bands Koboku Senju and Streifenjunko.

I think you might like his new album "Forgaflingspop" too, where he still is improvising, but also delivers some very charming pop tunes!
Be warned, all lyrics are in Norwegian, but if you are like me, the atmosphere of the song is still worth a lot, even if you can´t catch the meaning of the words.

The Album title is "Forgaflingspop". Now "Gaffel" is fork and "Forgafling" might mean using your fork too much? Not that it makes much sense too me, but it´s a nice sounding word!

The track titles are also in Norwegian, and Google Translate might even manage some of them.

Additional musicians:
Erik Nylander - acoustic drums and percussion, assistant programming and recording
Eivind Lønning - trumpet, flugelhorn and mellophone.

Listen and buy for next to nothing on Bandcamp.

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