Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kaboom Karavan x 2

Miasmah recently released two albums by Kaboom Karavan. "Short Walk with Olaf" is a re-release of the debut from 2007 and "Hokus Fokus" is brand new. All music: Bram Bosteels.

Since I always have a hard time describing the great music on Miasmah, let´s hear it from the company:

On "Short Walk with Olaf" - "Mixing influences from the Electronica and Ambient scene with Americana, Free Folk and Avant-Garde Jazz to name but a few, Short walk with Olaf is first of all an incredibly beautiful and mystical piece of work that should fall in taste with everyone interested in film music, travels, small villages & deserted places. Olaf finds his place somewhere between the atmosphere of Jim Jarmousch films, Lounge Lizards and Volcano the Bear and is a great starting point for getting into the strange sound world of Kaboom Karavan".

On "Hokus Fokus" - "Listening to Hokus Fokus feels like staring frozenly into a postcard sent from your long-lost uncle that went missing in the Amazon after an expedition gone-wrong (circa year 1935). Merge this image with the decaying sounds of an old Tom Waitz record slowly tuning out in the background and your getting close. This is not instantly gratifiable music, but rather a thick fog of details, sounds and atmospheres blended together with utmost precision and skill to create something quite unique that really shines with repeated listening and full immersion".

And I really like their 2011 release "Barra Barra" (Miasmah 2011) too.

Still in doubt? Check out the Miasmah sounds on SoundCloud.

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