Sunday, September 8, 2013

TJO and Marius Neset

You may have noticed that i try to promote a lot of Norwegian musicians? Well, here is one I have hardly mentioned, and the only one that people have been asking for posts on!

Finally, meet Norwegian sax-man Marius Neset, here with the great Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, playing at Bergen Jazzforum 6 September.

Musicians: Marius Neset, Eivind Lønning, Erik Eilertsen, Erik Johannessen, Daniel herskedal, Peter Fuglesang, Hanna Paulsberg, Eirik Hegdal, Jovan Pavlovic, Espen B, Petter Eldh and Gard Nilssen.

See also Jazz Peter´s YouTube for videos of the same gang at Jazzhouse, Copenhagen
(4 September).

Added 11 September: Another video was uploaded to YouTube toda (23 min.) - check here.