Sunday, September 1, 2013


Oh my, I´m slow! Am I the last person to realize that the Franz Ferdinand song "Jacqueline" is (partly) about Ivor Cutler?

Read "Ivor, my inspiration", Alex Kapranos´ piece on Ivor Cutler, published in The Guardian in April 2005. He says this about his friend Jacqueline, who visited Ivor Cutler at home:

"She described the scene to me of how she rejected him outright because he was just an old man. She said: "Why would I possibly be romantically interested in you?" And he replied: "You see me just as an old man, but I'm looking at you with the same eyes that I had as a young man." That was the inspiration for our song, Jacqueline, looking out through one set of eyes and seeing yourself reflected as you actually are in the gaze that comes back at you".

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