Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gary Windo releases

Gonzo recently released three albums by Gary Windo: "Dog Face" (originally released in 1982), "Deep Water" (originally released in 1987) and "Steam Radio Tapes" (never released before).

I just ordered "Steam Radio Tapes", which has Robert Wyatt on it. A couple of tracks ("Is this the time?" and "Standfast") are probably the same as the ones you may find on the albums "His master´s bones" (Cuneiform 1996) and "Angloamerican" (Cuneiform 2004), but there might be more with Wyatt? Anyone?


hixem said...

Robert Wyatt is singing on 1 track only "Is This The Time". This is the same track that was released on Gary Windo's "Anglo American" some years ago.
see details of the album here :

Svenn said...

Thanks! I found out, but forgot to make a follow-up post to this one. Sorry. But it´s a nice album anyway :-)