Friday, April 4, 2014

Have You Heard of Eugene Chadbourne?

The title of the blog post is the title of Adam Harper´s piece on Eugene Chadbourne in Dummy (6 April 2014). Read all of it over here.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Chadbourne with Shockabilly in the mid eighties (doing "Purple Rain" on electric rake), as a member of Aki Takase´s band (the Fats Waller project) and one of his solo shows.

He can be pretty wild and outgoing, but the video is an example of how cool he can be playing quite straightforward too. Watch "One more road to cross" with Jimmy Carl Black (dr) and Brian Jackson (piano), and I have to admit I posted it already in 2008 too.

"Chadbourne was described as America’s “only anarcho-paramilitary-electro-folkie-troubadelic-matador”, his music as “gonzo audio journalism” that “pushes traditional music to its edge and makes it jump”".


gazpatxo said...

enjoy (and get a dictionary)!

Svenn said...

Thanks (will use Google Translate :-) )