Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lumen Drones

A new Norwegian instrumental psychedelic drone trio for you today. Members are the great Nils Økland (fiddles) and Per Steinar Lie and Ørjan Haaland from the band Low Frequency in Stereo.
They played before Lee Ranaldo and The Dust at the club Blå in Oslo yesterday (Norwegian link), and they have an album ready for release on ECM!

Previously they called themselves Kaudervelsk.

Listen to a demo of the track "Juggernaut" from SoundCloud. Let´s see if the playing is as raw on the final ECM release.

Let me also say that Low Frequency in Stereo´s latest album "Pop Obskura" (SPY 2013) has been on regular play on my turntable these last months.

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