Monday, April 14, 2014

Henry Cow: Unrest (Virgin 1974)

Sean Kitching speaks to Chris Cutler about Henry Cow´s album "Unrest" in The Quietus April 8th 2014: "After The Deluge: Henry Cow's Unrest Revisited".

"Henry Cow's music, whilst not for everyone, is certainly unique, although I wouldn't describe it as elitist in any sense. An amalgamation a wide range of influences, it was borne more of an aesthetic decision to discover their own path, away from any existing genre or any kind of mainstream and eventually into some kind of pagan sounding, abstract wilderness that few (perhaps none) had walked before. Already unique in comparison to other bands of the era, by the time of 1975's In Praise Of Learning and 1979's Western Culture, they truly sounded like no one else."

Unrest was dedicated to Robert Wyatt and Guru Guru/Neu!/Faust and Spacebox bassist Uli Trepte.

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